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April 15, 2022

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Mer Lovers.jpg

Three underwater love stories full of magic and passion! Read about a drowning woman’s unlikely savior, a cursed merman’s only hope, and a new mermaid’s disastrous desire in this irresistible collection!


Fake Fiancee For Dragon Shifter.jpg

Spilled coffee, dropped files, and scheduling issues were the hallmark of my career as an executive assistant for a billionaire dragon shifter, Sean. As soon as I laid eyes on him, butterflies exploded inside of me, and my heart stopped. He was the sexiest dragon shifter I had ever seen in my entire life. He fired me, but then rehired me after he discovered that while I was a terrible executive assistant, I was great at running his life. I was a bear shifter, but he thought that I was a regular human...

Lycanthropy Files 1-3.jpg

Joanie Fisher’s career is sabotaged just when she is about to hit the mother lode of all medical discoveries. One step from discovering the origin of a Chronic Lycanthropy Syndrome outbreak and ten steps ahead of other researchers, her hard work was not only paying off, but gaining the wrong kind of attention. She may have been forced to leave her position, but her research follows her to the estate of her missing grandfather. Ensconced deep in the Ozark Mountains at Wolfsbane Manor, Joanie’s life takes another sharp turn when a sexy werewolf seeks her help...

Hybrid First Rare Wolf.jpg

Holden Black is hurting. This makes her the ideal companion for three wolf pups who had been tortured and experimented on. What she didn’t know was that her life was going to change. She was now prey. There’s a battle brewing and she is only the first piece of the puzzle - the bridge between humans and the lycanthropes. And the ultimate question for her: Who is Holden Black? What makes her different from the others?


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Ghost of Jealousy.jpg

He spent a hundred years waiting for her. She hated him in a heartbeat. In a world where paranormals live side by side with humans, everybody knows about Ordinance 7304: the Bond Laws. Or, as the Paras snidely whisper to each other, the Claws Clause—a long and detailed set of laws that bonded couples must obey if they want their union to be recognized. Because it wasn’t already damn near impossible to find a fated mate in the first place. Now the government just has to get involved…


Charlotte Perkins loves Shotgun Falls. Always has. Loves the town. Loves the people. So when shop owner Sylvia Redferne asks her to help her test a new dating app, she doesn’t think twice about spearheading the operation. What Charlotte hadn’t counted on? Logan Fourier. Logan’s a wolf shifter that’s damned good on computers. He doesn’t mind doing Sylvia Redferne a favor and building a dating app. Who would, considering how much Sylvia’s offering to pay him for his services. What Logan hadn’t counted on? Charlotte’s a spitfire with a tough shell. How’s he supposed to crack that shell when she thinks he’s an alphahole instead of an alpha...

Time Thief.jpg

Bay North wants revenge, no, she craves revenge. Hunted for her psychic ability to steal time and forced to watch her family die, all she wants is to make the crime lord who's taken everything from her pay. But now he's set the ultimate hunter on her trail and Bay will need all her skills just to survive the gray-eyed, hard-bodied man out to kill her. Ex-Navy SEAL Sean Archer has nothing left but a thirst for vengeance. After his team is killed in Afghanistan by a time thief, he came home a broken man. Now he hunts any of the monsters he can find, ready to rid the world of the dangerous mutation. But when he finally tracks Bay to Denver, he doesn't see a monster or a mutation, he sees a tough, beautiful survivor who ignites a desire he can't deny...

The Dragon Question.jpg

The Dragon King is dying, all for want of an answer. For centuries, the Dragon King has ruled over High Cadore and hoarded a library that is the envy of neighboring kingdoms. Researcher Shennon Trelor, intent on hunting out the reasons for a long-standing war, never expected to be dragged in front of the terrifying king to answer the question that might save him. But the Dragon King doesn't know what question to ask, any more than Shennon knows how to answer. What draws her to the dragon? What drives him to keep demanding her attendance? Is there more between them than the mystery?



Lover Arisen.jpg

Possessed by the demon Devina, Balthazar is once again on the hunt for the Book of Spells—and fighting an undeniable attraction to a woman. As a thief, he has stolen a lot of things…but he never thought his heart would be taken by another. Especially not a human...

My Big Fat Hairy Wedding.jpg

A forty-something Werewolf supermodel, five supernaturally screwed up bridesmaids, and a demonic mother of the groom determined to ruin the wedding. Awesome…. not...

Monster's Plaything.jpg

It's been 1097 days and 14 hours since I've been locked in this place, all because I saw something I shouldn't have. And they've come to me every night. The monsters in my dreams worship my body. And when I wake up, I'm desperate for more… But they’re never there to finish me off. Dr. Adams says I can leave the asylum if I start to take my meds, but I've always hated how they made me feel...and I'm not sure that I agree with them that I'm actually crazy. Because dreams don’t make you crazy, right?



Possessive Alpha Wolf.jpg

I can’t be trusted around humans. Especially sweet schoolteachers . . . I’m the guy you don’t want to meet in a dark alley. And that’s just my human side—my wolf is so untamed and dangerous even supernaturals fear me. I’m known for my ability to hunt and kill. It doesn’t matter to me that my next assignment is a small-town schoolteacher. I don’t ask questions. Then I see Serene for the first time. The wolf in me knows immediately she’s my mate and I’m not going to let anyone else touch her. Except with a contract out on her life, if I don’t kill her, someone else will...


Series Spotlight

Riverford Shifters FB Ad Aug 2017.jpg

Clashing shifter clans, a dangerous secret, and four shifter couples caught in the middle as they find love (and plenty of steam) amidst all the heartaches and clan intrigue.


Elysia Books 1-4 FB Banner July 2020.jpg

She just wants answers to a mystery.
He thinks she’s the key to ending his exile in her world.
Love was never supposed to enter the equation…


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