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June 3, 2022

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Rebel's Karma.jpg

For too long, Benjamin Reese has masked his deadly skills and temper with loyalty and humor. A vampire-demon hybrid, he fiercely protects his family, guards his brothers, and destroys the enemy without mercy. But when he discovers one fragile, beautiful blonde—a woman once mated to a Kurjan, no less—every primal instinct he has buried for centuries roars to life. With the mating mark she roused on his hand entwining their fates, no one will prevent him from keeping her safe and making her his, forever...

Spells & Caramels Magical Mysteries.jpg

Twenty-nine-year-old Imogen Banks is hashtag struggling. After a disaster ends her career, destroys her home and burns up all the money she’s saved to open her own bakery, she enters a baking contest for an all-or-nothing, last ditch chance at getting her life together. But when she arrives at the mysterious island off the coast of France, she discovers all the inhabitants of the quaint town are magical and if she wins the contest, she’ll become the next royal baker at the castle on top of the hill. No worries that the last royal baker appears to have been murdered. And one more small thing—Imogen herself is apparently a witch!

Wolf Marked.jpg

Time is running out for Astrid. If the wolf-shifter doesn’t find her soul’s mate before her twenty-fifth Blue Moon rises, the consequences will be fatal. With only three weeks left, things aren’t looking good... until Erec, a smooth-talking rogue wolf, lands at her feet. The strange spark between them leaves Astrid wondering if this mysterious man could be the one meant to break her curse. But can she trust him?

Rancher Dragon's Secret Affair.jpg

Danielle is just trying to get her career going by working at a big law firm, and she wants to do it without sleeping her way to the top, much to the aggravation of the senior partner. But when her family ranch is in danger of development, her boss is the only one who can help. So why is she so drawn to Logan, the super-hot cowboy who operates the competition ranch? And why does she enjoy him pursing her when they’re forbidden to associate?


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Covet the Night.jpg

Gwen’s days are numbered—literally. Like her mother before her, Gwen’s Acute Myeloid Leukemia diagnosis came too little too late. So, she packed her bags, said her goodbyes, and set off to see the world before her untimely end. But when Laurel, a beautiful stranger in Vienna, extends an invitation filled with her wildest dreams—eternal life amongst the haut ton of supernaturals in an underground palace filled with riches and debauchery—she can’t say no. Yet Gwen was least prepared for him; William “The Beast” Gunwyn. A prizefighter of the court and enemy of Laurel’s illustrious family, William’s fervent attentions threaten to derail Gwen’s plans of life after death to become his, and only his...

Shadows of Fire.jpg

When the invitation to the Gloaming arrives, Lexi can’t believe that she, a half vampire, has been invited to enter the dark fae realm. Her first trip to a Shadow Realm isn’t one she’ll soon forget once she meets Cole, a dark fae prince. Fresh from the war that ravaged the mortal realm and devastated his family, Cole is struggling to piece his life back together when he encounters Lexi. He has always identified more with his dark fae side, but when her presence awakens the lycan part of him, Cole is unable to resist his attraction to her...

Heart of Steel.jpg

She never expected to summon a demon THIS sinfully sexy… Carline swore off witchcraft for good when she arrived at the Swan River Colony. But when her home is attacked, she's forced to consult her spell book for the help of a paranormal protector to keep her safe. Only the smoking hot demon she summons has more than just protection on his mind…

The Senthien.jpg

Five thousand years in the future, the Earth is dead. A galactic network of terraformed planets, connected by teleportation portals, is populated by the genetically improved Descendants. The original Humans, labeled dangerous and barbaric, are kept under constant surveillance. In this seemingly peaceful society, Dora Dana Dasnan, a gifted Visionaire, serves the leading race of Descendants by reporting her Visions of the future. But when she witnesses a forbidden Vision — an intimate contact with a Human man — her very life is in danger...



Exile's Adored.jpg

Help isn’t coming. When Carise wakes up on an alien planet running is her only chance at escape, even if being caught means death. She’d rather die than face whatever her captors plan to do to her. Guerran is no safe place for healing and every moment is fear. Until Jaek, a gentle giant of an alien, makes himself her protector. But when their fragile bond is tested, Carise knows she must find strength within herself to become brave enough to survive Guerran. This time she won’t let herself be taken. And she’s not leaving her mate behind.

Dragon Typhoon.jpg

Typhoon doesn’t have a mate. It’s not for lack of trying, or interest. He just hasn’t found the right person yet. He’s pretty sure that it will happen in good time. The problem he faces is that he is desperate to have a baby. It’s all he can think about. He’s seen his friends pair up and have whelps. Typhoon even witnessed the birth of twins. It was one of the most incredible experiences of his life. Now he wants a baby of his own. He’s willing to do just about anything to make it happen...

Lux Wolf.jpg

After finding out Tobias betrayed everyone, he kidnapped me and took me back to his home. With the Wearbears and his family for one reason only: he believes I’m his mate and he believes our mating would stop the war. But I have a mate, and I would never change a thing. The war has begun, and no one is going to win… unless I stop it...



Wild Knight.jpg

In a world of darkness where royal vampires are in charge, I spend my days working as a knight in the city formerly known as London. Instead of a lance and a horse, I rely on my trusty axe, Babe, and ride the occasional dragon. Every day new threats emerge that require a dash of magic and a dollop of attitude. Good thing I have both. Naturally danger comes with the territory. What no one knows is just how dangerous it is for me. If our vampire overlords discover what I am, they’ll execute me on the spot—no questions asked—which is why I avoid them at all costs. Until now. If only this one didn’t have a lethal reputation, a princely pedigree, and a quest that leads to more questions than answers. The heat between us doesn’t help matters...


Series Spotlight

Riverford Shifters FB Ad Aug 2017.jpg

Clashing shifter clans, a dangerous secret, and four shifter couples caught in the middle as they find love (and plenty of steam) amidst all the heartaches and clan intrigue.


Elysia Books 1-4 FB Banner July 2020.jpg

She just wants answers to a mystery.
He thinks she’s the key to ending his exile in her world.
Love was never supposed to enter the equation…


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