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January 21, 2022

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Embrace the Darkness.jpg

Lady Shay is the last of her kind. Half human, half Shalott demon, her blood has healing and aphrodisiac powers that vampires consider more precious than gold. Though Shalotts are renowned assassins, a curse held over Shay lands her on an auction block, where she catches the eye of a Vampire named Viper, the beguiling chief of a deadly vampire clan...


Lost Kingdom.jpg

A ruthless king dragged me into the vampire world kicking and screaming, intending to kill me, like he had so many before. Then I took everything away from him. His throne is mine. His kingdom is mine. I wear the crown of the vampire queen, and to some, it seems all my dreams came true. But victory came at a terrible cost. My mate is far beyond my reach, and trying to save him would risk a bloody battle and the lives too many innocents. But when an ancient evil rises, the only way to survive is with Deston by my side, which means I'll fight to get him back. If war is coming, it might as well be on my terms.


I was caged for a crime that I had to commit! Somehow I manage to serve my ten year prison sentence without killing anyone or going insane. Now I’m back home. All I want is to stay out of trouble. But trouble always seems to find me. Especially in a town that’s ruled by a corrupt Sheriff. Buck Healy has nothing but hate for me and my kind. And because of what I’ve done, he will never leave me alone. Fate intervenes when Becca walks through my gym doors. A socially conscious lawyer who is way out of my league...


The Alien's Future.jpg

Space ship travel when you've been kidnapped sucks. I don't get a pillow, there's no snacks, and worst of all--the whole ship crashes. Except, it doesn't crash on Earth, or even Mars. Nope, I'm in a whole new galaxy on a foreign planet and some body-builder-looking blue horned aliens with lots of piercings have decided I'm their new play thing. And not in a good way. Until one alien decides he's not going to share, and maybe I have a concussion from the crash, because I'm all about the possessive way he protects me. But there's no way he'll fight his whole clan for me... right?

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No one gave Aviva a choice about becoming a monster. Since the night of her murder she's been forced to accept a new reality—burned by sunlight, dependent on the blood of the living, searching for her place in a dark world she didn't believe existed until she awoke as a vampire. She's still struggling to accept her fate and master her dark powers when the news arrives: rogue vampires are torturing and killing human residents of the city, threatening the secrecy and uneasy peace of the supernatural world. As the hunt begins, Aviva's deliciously distracting trainer, Daniel, helps her seek out her unique strengths...

Chamber Of The Dragon Prince.jpg

Aleric. The Dragon Prince. The future king of the dragon world. My gorgeous mate that I have to stay away from. I’m investigating him, his family, his world. I’ll bring him more hurt than love. But he is determined to make me his. He knows I can’t deny him forever...



When you wish upon a falling star, er, UFO… Young widow Kevanne Girardi catches sight of a meteorite streaking across the sky and wishes for a good handyman to help make her rundown lavender farm a big success. Instead, she gets a shapeshifting alien who apparently has never seen a leaky faucet before. But his loving and noble spirit make him just the man to fix her wounded heart. He hasn’t promised her forever, but a girl can hope, can’t she? Maybe she’ll make another wish…

Moonrise Over Rabbit River.jpg

Cray Long has had to fight for acceptance his whole life. He doesn’t expect that to change just because he’s joined Lucas’s new pack. Half breeds like him are tolerated at best. But one thing he never intended was repeat his father’s mistake— and take a human mate. He just hadn’t counted on Elizabeth. One hint of her intoxicating scent and he knows he can’t let anyone else have her...




Fae Lady Rebellion.jpg

Chafing under the watchful gaze of her overprotective big brother, Wren Oberon had to use all of her fae powers to get her sneaky-sneak on so she could attend the holiday party of the year at Othercross. Now she finds herself in a compromising position with no help in sight—until some random wolf shifter comes to her aid in a most dramatic fashion. When he claims to be her fated mate, Wren begins to wonder if she might need a second rescue...

An Unending Claim.jpg

A deadly secret. An unrelenting shifter. An unending claim… Peyton knows we are meant to be, but an old wound, one that’s buried beneath the secrets that she keeps, prevent her from completing our bond. It’s time to tear down her walls and convince her that she’s mine. Forever...


You think Earth is a safe haven? You think the world couldn’t end tomorrow? Think again. Our world is no longer our own. It’s been taken by beings we could never have imagined. And we are weak. Helpless. …hopeless. Hunted. They have divided us into groups: Harvesters, Gatherers, and Breeders. I am but one of the dispensable. My name is Adira Mosely ...and I am a Breeder...


Dream King.jpg

The whole world fell asleep. Not everyone woke back up… This is the strange reality Ana finds herself unable to escape. Stranger still is the shadowy figure who appears above her bed one night and drags her into another world: the realm of dreams where he rules as king. She wants answers, justice. He wants to destroy her and her kind. They have every reason to hate each other, but an intense and unfathomable attraction complicates everything. He took her without a plan to send her back, but now he finds himself wanting to keep her safe, to give her whatever her heart—and body—desires...



Series Spotlight

Riverford Shifters FB Ad Aug 2017.jpg

Clashing shifter clans, a dangerous secret, and four shifter couples caught in the middle as they find love (and plenty of steam) amidst all the heartaches and clan intrigue.


Elysia Books 1-4 FB Banner July 2020.jpg

She just wants answers to a mystery.
He thinks she’s the key to ending his exile in her world.
Love was never supposed to enter the equation…


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